General Overview of Capabilities

Accent Display’s engineering team creates custom digital programs using the latest Solidworks and Alphacam software to ensure precision, automate the traditional manufacturing process, optimize yield and reduce material waste.




When it comes to custom American manufacturing, Accent Display takes great pride
in elevating quality standards with our fabrication techniques. Our assembly processes are based on material sourcing and value engineering, producing a custom display that is
designed with your customer in mind.

Fabrication techniques include cutting, bending, metalworking, woodworking and machining. Several finishing treatment options are available to choose from when creating your display. Between the diverse materials and vast techniques available for your display, there is no limit
to what we can create together!





A CNC router is a computer-controlled cutting machine used for cutting various hard materials. Automation and precision are the key benefits of CNC router tables, allowing optimization through computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). By converting a CAD design file into a CAM file, the CNC router reads relevant information and produces a highly accurate finished product.

A CNC router helps in the thermoforming of plastics by automating the trimming process and ensures high quality output. Optimal 3D motion control, drill blocking, cutting and routing are just a few ways CNC machinery can create value-added build solutions for your in-store marketing project.

Materials best suited for CNC routing include cast and extruded acrylics, PVC, high-impact polystyrene, MDF (medium density fiberboard), melamine, solid wood and PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol).



Vacuum forming is a process that forms plastic into a permanent object with the use of thermoforming technology. A sheet of plastic is heated to a forming temperature, stretched onto a single-surface mold and suctioned against the mold by a vacuum.

Combining Vacuum forming with new technologies such as 3D printing for tool design and in-mold decoration brings new possibilities to creative retail marketing projects. This process is commonly used for a variety of in-store solutions and the tooling charges are typically lower when compared to injection molding.

Best suited materials for vacuum forming are plastics such as HIPS (high impact polystyrene) and PETE (polyethylene terephthalate).






Developing your display encompasses all the important details that drive consumers into making a purchase decision. Brand messaging is the most important factor to consider when you are telling a story to your target audience. If a project requires the flexibility of changing your message due to seasonal rollouts or has a consistent message that is fluid all year long,
we’ve got you covered!

Graphic treatments are custom solutions that can be permanent or semi-permanent for any retail marketing project. Treatment options include interchangeable graphics, direct and screen printing, 3D laser-cut logos and wall headers, laser etching and engraving, lenticular effects, custom vinyl and static cling appliqués.




Accent Display utilizes the power of advanced laser technology to create custom in-store solutions for our clients. In-house capabilities include laser cutting, surface etching and
deep laser engraving materials in a variety of extrusions and thicknesses.

From small batch fabrication to large program rollouts, Accent Display's laser machining is a valuable solution for your visual merchandising project.

Some of the materials we work with include cast and extruded acrylics, high impact polystyrene, PETG, aluminum, brass, wood, mild and stainless steel.




Our Project Managers understand that a custom POP display is a long-term investment in your brand, which is why we handcraft market-grade prototypes for final approval before production. Whether your brand requires a permanent or semi-permanent display, it is our goal to maximize value out of your visual merchandising investment.

Accent Display cares about the success of your retail marketing project. We build in-store solutions to enhance brand recognition, increase awareness and attract target demographics.

With our capabilities and customizable options, there are no bounds to what we can create!








Injection molding is a popular manufacturing technique that can be cost effective for mass production quantities. Accent Display develops injection molding tools designed for time saving build solutions that consolidate production processes, reduce material consumption and streamline project management to meet your budget and timeframe.

Various types of plastic are the best suited material for injection molded solutions, but in order to be a cost effective, high output quantities must offset the tooling charges associated with your visual marketing project.







Consumer engagement in the retail environment has become more prominent with permanent displays incorporating built-in technology and digital components to attract retail shoppers. Shopping centers and retailers are creating engagement platforms for customers, developing
in-store experiences that are interactive to highlight brand awareness and recognition.

Accent Display simplifies interactive display programs by developing solutions that incorporate LED lighting, motion, LCD and touch-enabled devices for SMART® technology to create
long-lasting impressions in the marketplace. The ease of interchangeability to keep up with evolving trends has value-added sustainability through digital build solutions and integrating these components is a great way to stand out!



Our project management team strives to exceed client expectations with our high attention to detail by producing top quality in-store retail solutions. We offer several options to choose from when deciding which technique will achieve the finished look of a permanent display,
giving it that final touch.

Accent Display houses the capabilities of laser flame polishing, etching and engraving as well as diamond polishing, UV bonding, powder coating, high gloss and matte finishes... just to name a few!

Our engineers are experienced with combining the best techniques to execute your retail marketing vision and highlight your brand.



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